I am Başak.

I was born in Trabzon, Türkiye. I grew up in my birthplace, where I had ample free time to immerse myself in nature with my family, grandparents and cousins.

Over the past decade, I've experienced life in various cities, from Istanbul to Venice, and now I find myself in the enchanting city of Rome. Each city has opened my eyes to different aspects of life and my approach to image-making.  

My illustrations are a reflection of my environment and my mood. Sometimes, they mirror my laid-back nature with quick, simple lines, while at other times, they exude playfulness with vivid colors, intricate details and ironic scenarios.

I enjoy manipulating typical images or situations by adding unexpected objects, scenes or characters.

Drawing, for me, is a way to convey things or stories that I can barely explain in words. It brings me the utmost joy, akin to the leisurely days of my childhood.